Company History

The legacy of our family’s history in masonry began when Ernest Guillemette learned the trade from mason Bill Sharp. From there, Ernest Guillemette started his own family business, Ernie’s Enterprises. With this company, Ernest worked with, and trained his sons. One of those sons was Roger Guillemette who began to work and train in the family business in 1970. By 1979, after learning the trade from his father, Roger and Ernest started a new partnership that became J&R Masonry Contracting. In the 30 years since the creation of J&R Masonry Contracting, the company has completed projects throughout the province and in all aspects of the trade. Roger’s sons, Kevin and Jeffrey, began working in the trade at a young age and had the privilege of training under both their father and grandfather. Kevin and Jeffrey, now the third generation of licensed masons serving the Timmins area, changed the name to Guillemette Masonry to reflect the Guillemette families’ proud heritage in the trade. They will continue the proud family tradition into the future.

Come and learn some of Guillemette Masonry's Family History, where did we start and how did we get where we are.
At Guillemette Masonry we are a 3rd Generation Masons who take pride in our work and use the highest quality masonry products.
At Guillemette Masonry our professional staff has over 30 years of experience and the knowledge and know how for any project.
Guillemette Masonry is the number one choice in Northern Ontario for all your masonry projects, from residential to industrial. We have the experience to get the job done right.